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My Bio

I was born, and began to learn as a baby into childhhood. When I reached adolescence, I knew it all. Entering young adulthood was an enrollment in The School of Hard Knocks where I spent many years learning. Once in a while I return for refresher courses. It was there during late teenage to early adulthood where my learning continued in pursuit of my Master Degree. It was during this period when I became conscious of my calling to extend and share my gifts, talents, abilities and experiences with people in need of what I have to offer. At some point during a more seasoned period of my adulthood, it dawned on me that nearly everything I had been taught in the past was questionable and I realized that I actually didn't know much of anything after all. "Physician, heal thyself" became a constant nudge while I find myself at this point, beginning the process of learning again.


My Occupation

Working like I don't need the money, loving like I've never been hurt and dancing like no one's watching

My Hobbies

I am a Martial Artist and a retired gymnast who loves to dance and work-out. I love to read, and some topics of interest are spirituality, health and the body, nature and just about anything dealing with animals. I also play 8-Ball and 9-Ball ~ have you seen me on ESPN?

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